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Asian Entertainment News 2007 (Archive)
francesca Apr 10, 2007

Kim So Eun : After the drama and CF Rush, "Popularity Realized" Thursday April 2, 2009 Korea Kim So Eun : After the drama and CF Rush, "Popularity Realized"Source : DaumTranslated by: Heroine.Mei @ soompiIn KBS Drama "Boys Over Flowers", Kim So Eun played Geum Jan Di's best friend Chu Ga Eul, whose genuine and lively charisma and her refreshing love line with Kim Bum were very well received by fans.The Boys Over Flowers syndrome helped propel Kim So Eun's popularity, landing her as models for "Clean N Clear" and "Pocari Sweat." Also she was picked as the model for Bonjuk porridge shop along with Kim Bum, making her 2009's biggest up and coming star.Kim So Eun's pure and lively charms are comparable even to F4's, and she will express her feelings about the drama in this interview.Q. "Boys Over Flowers" has finished filming. How do you feel?A. �It feels like I am still in the middle of filming. Even though has finished filming, it feels like it hasn't. Even though it was tiring for 6 months... BoF was very popular, and I received a lot of popularity too. Thank you very much everyone.�Q. What is the most memorable thing?A. �Because of BoF "Ga Eul-yang" has become my nickname (laughs). Even though at first I was a little sad about the name, but on one hand after fully absorbing the "Ga Eul" character I felt an intimacy to be called that so I felt happy. Also because I have received so much love with my nickname it has become a precious name to me and my other name. Sometimes even my family and friends would call me "Ga Eul-yang." (laughs)�Q. You received a lot of love by as the "Soeul couple" with Kim Bum.A. �In the drama Ga Eul and Yi Jeong's love line differed from the original Japanese work to create a beautiful love, and I was very happy because of that. "Soeul couple" is a pretty name to be coined as... I'm thankful we received so much support and love (laughs).�Q. Lastly please say a few words to the fans.A. �My fans who have given me so much love, I hope you will be healthy. I hope your days are filled with laughter. Now and in the future with everyone's support I will show you all a better side of me as well as my hard efforts. And today, tomorrow, everyday, thank you

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