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SM's New Girl Band Saturday May 30, 2009 Korea

Yawn... There is talk that SM Entertainment will now be debuting a new girl group, said to be the female version of SHINee... oh, really? Sounds strangely ...

The groups name is set to be "Crystal", for they will be "the crystals of the generation", by setting a good example and having absolutely NO plastic surgery on any of the members. It's funny they use the "crystal" analogy, because a crystal just looks like a shiny rock unless its cut and molded into something pretty. Go figure.

The group "Crystal" have supposedly been preparing for the past 3 years with trainers from the U.S., claiming their training was different from that of SNSD. Check out the members:


Name: Anna Sun
Birth: 1990
Lead vocals and rapper

Name: Yoo Seung Yeon
Birth: 1992
Main rapper and vocalist


Name: Lee Nara
Birth: 1990
Leader and lead dancer a.k.a the only one who can't sing

Name: Noh Da Eun
Birth: December 12, 1989
Main vocalist


Name: Yoon Do Yeon
Birth: 1994
Main dancer, vocalist

They even recognized their SHINee counter parts: Onew=Lara, JongHyun=DaEun, Key=San, Minho=Syeon and Taemin= DoYeon. They are set to debut around July or August of this year.Needless to say, I'm tired of all these new girl groups popping up, especially since it's an SM artist--it's just going to prolong the spaces between our favorite artists' comebacks. The comparison is a little annoying too... I'm waiting for them to say they're coming out with a Korea-based female DBSK!

Friday, 29 May 2009

SHINee for comeback stage next week

It is known that SHINee member Onew who injured himself just before the boys’ comeback has been to the doctor’s for treatment and is covering well.

SM Entertainment said on the 29th, “Onew has almost fully recovered from his injuries. It is planned for the boys to have their comeback as early as next week.”

Onew had fell from a flight of stairs at the boys’ dormitary on 19th May after their practice and injured his front teeth.

The boys were preparing for their comeback with their 2nd minialbum ‘Romeo’. And the album is already doing very well on album sales charts like Hanteo charts since the the album release.

Also, the title song ‘Juliette’ has been receiving much interests from music fans since its reveal even though the boys have not performed the song on broadcast programmes yet.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Big Bang to fly to Japan today ; Will they make it big in Japan music market?

Here new info from BIG BANG !!
Big Bang has flew out of Korea towards Japan today (28th May).

They will be staying there for a while, concentrating on advancing into the Japanese major music market through promotions.

They release their Japanese debut single ‘My Heave’ on the 24th. The boys will also be participating in ‘MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009′ on 30th May in Saitama Super Arena. They will be going on various broadcast programmes and doing interviews there.

The single ‘My Heaven’ will also be released in Taiwan, China etc in 6 other Asian countries.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Father SM’s SHINee Remakes Part II: “Hit Me”

First, SM decided to rehash some mediocre Corbin Bleu for SHINee's comeback single "Juliette". While some fans could understand choosing a safe, catchy single that catered to mainstream tastes for profit's sake, SHINee World is abuzz with the new revelation that yet another song from the new mini-album "Romeo" is a remake.

The SHINee track in question is "Hit Me", with the original song being "Bad Case" by Los Angeles duo Jackie Boyz (recorded in December 2008).

Adding an additional DBSK/Sarah Connor plot twist, the rights to "Bad Case" were also sold concurrently to R&B singers Marques Houston and Omarion, each of whom released their own versions of the song titled "Case Of You" on May 21st.

Since "Bad Case" was never really an official release, this particular originality violation does not reek as much as "Juliette" did. But this constant remaking really has to disappear if K-Pop wants to gain any credibility in the global music industry. Even if you repeat the word "nobody" 62 times or "gee" 52 times in a single song, at least it's all original. So while SM gets all the money through copycat creation, SHINee's impressive talents are almost wasted recording these remakes, as the five teenagers are blissfully unaware that Americans an ocean away are and have been recording the same melodies. SHINee gets the backlash, as Father SM rakes in the cash. Grr.

I'm just cringing at the thought of the elementary bickering that might occur in the comment sections for these songs on Youtube if/when American R&B fans wander over to the SHINee videos, and vice-versa. Considering that Youtube commenting seems to lower one's IQ by 100 points while skyrocketing his or her cultural bias, one can only imagine what will happen when this

Who is the coolest lady killer?

Who is the coolest lady killer? A week-long online poll launched by CRIonline Showbiz has the answer. South Korean star Lee Minho came atop the list, beating down 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson, Chinese pop singer Han Geng and a member from Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit , Wu Chun .

Lee Minho

Impression: Handsome boy featuring curly hair, very clean look and slim and muscular body.'Boys Over Flowers' star Lee Minho became famous overnight. He was one of the most popular Korean stars in the first half of the year."Boys Over Flowers" is a 25-episode South Korean television drama in 2009. This is the Korean drama adaptation of the Japanese manga 'Hana Yori Dango', also an equivalent of Taiwan drama 'Meteor Garden' and Japan's 'Hana Yori Dango' (TV series).

Han Geng

Han Geng (born on February 9, 1984), better known in Korea as Hankyung, is a Chinese pop singer and actor.He is the only Chinese member of the large boy band Super Junior and the leader of its subgroup Super Junior-M.As a member of a Korean music group, he has been an important contributor to the Korean wave in China.

Wu Chun

Wu Chun, is a Brunei-born actor, singer, a former model, and gym instructor.He is the only non-Taiwanese member of the boy band Fahrenheit, and is known for his roles in the Taiwan idol dramas 'Romantic Princess', 'Hanazakarino Kimitachihe', 'Hot Shot' and 'Tokyo Juliet'.CRI Online

Dong Bang Shin Ki makes a cameo; aims for top sales

Look at this !!

Here new info from DBSK. .

What happend with him??

, the Japanese movie in which superstar Korean group, Dong Bang Shin Ki made a small cameo in, is going to show in cinemas in Taiwan soon.

Taiwanese fans have made plans to show their support by booking cinemas by the halls, even though the cameo made is only about ten seconds or more.

Meisa Kuroki plays the female lead in , an exceptionally gifted ballet genius, and in order to perfect the role, she practiced ballet non-stop for three months.

And DBSK, who sang the theme song for the movie, also cameos as a well-known group, making the movie even more enticing for moviegoers.

Taiwanese Cassiopeians will be booking the cinema halls on the 30th of May, supporting their idols in the most concise action ever.

SHINee 2nd minialbum Romeo sweeping up #1 on album charts

Said : congratulation to SHINee


You know??

SHINee's 2nd mini-album "ROMEO album" sales has been doing very well. .


chukkahamnida to SHINee...

They released their 2nd minialbum on 25th May, 1 year into their debut.

And the album went up to #1 on various daily sales chart like Hanteo, Hot Tracks etc in just 1 day into the release.

And of course, the title song to the minialbum Juliette is also doing very well on various music charts, and the MV to the song was released on 22nd May.
There has been much interests as to the boys comeback.

SHINee 2nd minialbum ‘Romeo’ sweeping up #1’s on album charts

SHINee’s 2nd minialbum ‘Romeo’ album sales has been doing very well.

The boys released their 2nd minialbum on 25th May 1 year into their debut.

And the album went up to #1 on various daily sales chart like Hanteo, Hot Tracks etc in just 1 day into the release.

And of course, the title song to the minialbum ‘Juliette’ is also doing very well on various music charts, and the MV to the song was released on 22nd May.

There has been much interests as to the boys’ comeback.

Looking forward to their comeback stage.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

SHINee is #6 on Mnet music chart

Here new info from my favourite boyband. .(SHINee)

Their new song Juliette is #6 on Mnet music chart..

The rest of chart result

1. 2NE1 � �Fire�

2. Super Junior � �It�s You� (up 2 positions from last week)

3. SeeYa, Davichi and Ji Yeon � �Female Generation� (fell 1 position from last week)

4. 2PM � �Again & Again�

5. Davichi � �My Man�

6. SHINee � �Juliette�

7. Super Junior � �Sorry Sorry�

8. SG Wannabe � �I Love You�

9. After School � �Diva�

10. K Will � �Tears Are Falling�

Monday, 25 May 2009

SHINee Onew front teeth injury, "I'm recovering quickly"

New news from my favorite leader boyband SHINee

SHINee’s leader Onew is said to be recovering quickly from his teeth injury after falling down from the stairs in their quarters just 2 days before the group’s comeback stage on 19th May. It was said that his injury will take 1-2 weeks for full recovery.

SM Entertainment said on the 22nd, “Ever since his injury, Onew has at the hospital. He is recovering faster than expected, the other members are also feeling relieved about that.”

SM said, “Right now he has not recoved fully, we will have his condition checked beginning of next week, and then decide on their comeback stage day again.”

Meanwhile, the offline release date of their minialbum has been postponed from 21st to 25th May.

SHINee' Minialbum ROMEO "released"

SHINee has released their new mini-album "Romeo".

One of my favourite boyband has released their mini-album,

They are SHINee.

This is the tracklist

01 니가 맘에 들어 (Talk To You)

02 Juliette

03 차라리 때려 (Hit Me)

04 세뇨리따 (Senorita)

05 잠꼬대 (Please, Don't Go)

06 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Romeo + Juliette)

With the release of this mini-album, Netter are left with one burning question: why did they choose "Juliette"?

Thursday, 21 May 2009



As announced, Mnet has (finally!) released the last two parts of the four-part F4 “After Story” music drama, featuring Ji-hoo’s (Kim Hyun-joong) and Jun-pyo’s (Lee Min-ho) segments.
Although the songs were pretty nice to listen to, the first two parts with Kim Bum and Kim Joon were rather disappointing, imo. Like those parts, the last two also featured mostly old footage cobbled together into a new video. I thought Ji-hoo’s was pretty lame (there have been better fanvideos), but at least Jun-pyo’s had a little bit of new footage.

Lee Min-ho - “My Everything.” His pronunciation could be better (everyTING? ah, well, just pretend he’s going for a rasta accent) but I love how husky his voice is. I had no hopes for his singing voice (after his CF/digital single for Cass beer was so annoyingly overproduced with barely audible vocals), so this is a nice surprise. [ Download ]

Just as Episodes 1 and 2 featured songs sung by the actors (Kim Bum’s “I’m Going to Meet You Now” (지금 만나러 갑니다) and Kim Joon’s “To Make Empty” (비워내기)), these segments feature songs sung by Kim Hyun-joong and Lee Min-ho.
Ji-hoo’s theme is “Sometime” by SS501, while Jun-pyo’s is “My Everything.”
Episode 3 (Ji-hoo): “Sometime”
Kind of meh, isn’t it?
Thankfully, Jun-pyo’s video is much more satisfying than Ji-hoo’s, if only because it actually has a narrative and gives an air of closure:
Episode 4 (Jun-pyo): “My Everything”
I enjoyed Boys Before Flowers as much as anyone — hey, I have more than 100,000 words written exclusively on this series to prove it! — but I put this drama behind me a while ago, and I’ll be relieved when it finally puts itself to rest. I’m much more eager to see what these lovely boys do next, rather than seeing them forced to milk their popularity from this one thing.
Thanks to Youtube uploader hoonfami

One more (yes, more) Boys Before Flowers special video
Lee Min-ho at fansigning event
Boys Before Flowers: F4 Special Edition (Parts 1 & 2)
F4’s “five years later” video to be a music drama
F4 heads to Japan
Boys Before Flowers: Episode 25 (Final)
F2 fansigning events draw huge crowds
Kim Joon lives life from the center
F4 sings for a special edition OST

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

SHINee Onew injured front teeth 2 days before comeback stage

My onew injured??no...

Wednesday May 20. 2009 Korea

SHINee, who is back as the ’21st century Romeo’, will have to have their comeback postponed as member Onew is injured (oh no..).

On 19th May, after practice, Onew heading home when he fell from the stairs in his quarters and hurt himself.

The doctor-in-charge said, “When he fell from the stairs, his front tooth got dislocated.

He will need treatment for 1-2 weeks and his condition needs to be checked.”SM Entertainment said, “With Onew injured, we will have to postpone SHINee’s comeback stage.

We will decide the comeback stage again, looking at Onew’s condition.”Menawhile, SHINee’s 2nd minialbum title song ‘Juliette’ as revealed on 18th May is doing very well on online music charts.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

TVXQ was Selected for “Sweet Confession Seolreim”

Taken from :

TVXQ was Selected for “Sweet Confession Seolreim”

Tuesday May 19, 2009 Korea

Submitted by UknowCaja?

Group TVXQ is model for ice cream CF which catches the summer heat.

Dong Bang Shin Ki was selected as Japan and South Korea’s Lotte Confectionary model for its ice cream product’s CF called Seolreim.

Lotte Confectionary spokesperson said, “TVXQ is the best in Asia, they’ve been gaining much popularity as a group, and each TVXQ member has variety of charisma which is appealing, as well as their sweet image which is suitable for Seolreim romantic image.

Thus they’re selected as CF model.”The shooting was taken on April 21st at a studio in NamyangJu, the director wanted to potray an image of a couple showing their love on a roof across the room which caused heart throbbed.

The concept which conveys love comic acting done by lovely Dong Bang Shin Ki has grabbed attention of audiences.

You can read the full article and view the CF on

plagiarism for SHINee's 2nd minialbum?

Tuesday May 19, 2009 Korea

Submitted by Smile. Love. Mochi

SHINee, who recently released the concept and photoshoot for their comeback 2nd minialbum ‘Romeo’, has been accused of plagiarism.A netizen uploaded a photo on SHINee official homepage on 18th May of a foreign male model wearing similar face mask as the SHINee members had for their photoshoot.The model was wearing what seemed like the eyepiece of MaJingGaZ for the magazine Dazed And Confused March issue English version. And the model seen is Luke Woralle (20).SM Entertainment came out to clarify, “It may seem like plagiarism seems the 2 photoshoots uses similar style masks. But the concept is different. The concept for SHINee’s new minialbum is Romeo while the other photoshoot uses the concept of ‘Transformers’ in them.”Meanwhile, the boys will have their comeback stage with the song ‘Juliette’ on 22nd May.

source: kbites

read the full article...on

Lee Min Ho's interview part 1

Taken from :

Tuesday May 19,2009 Korea

Submitted by ★Shira

Source: Daum TVzoneTranslation By: KPculture

Vogue Girl met with Lee Min Ho for an interview along with a photo shoot in London, England.Vogue Girl (VG): Your blood type is A. (Type As) abide well by social norms, have a timid side, and are perfectionists. Is your personality similar to that? Is it not?Lee Min Ho (LMH): My personality is not like a type A. First of all, I can’t become a perfectionist, I’m not shy, and I don’t maintain social norms well either (laughter). Neither am I that precise.VG: Are you a morning person or an owl-like night person ?LMH: I’m like an owl. To the extent that the oriental medicine doctor said that my physical constitution doesn’t allow me to use energy in the daytime. Although due to my schedule, there have been occasions recently that make me a morning person.VG: What does the owl Lee Min Ho usually do at night?..... (article cut to save bandwidth)