Tuesday, 19 May 2009

plagiarism for SHINee's 2nd minialbum?

Tuesday May 19, 2009 Korea

Submitted by Smile. Love. Mochi

SHINee, who recently released the concept and photoshoot for their comeback 2nd minialbum ‘Romeo’, has been accused of plagiarism.A netizen uploaded a photo on SHINee official homepage on 18th May of a foreign male model wearing similar face mask as the SHINee members had for their photoshoot.The model was wearing what seemed like the eyepiece of MaJingGaZ for the magazine Dazed And Confused March issue English version. And the model seen is Luke Woralle (20).SM Entertainment came out to clarify, “It may seem like plagiarism seems the 2 photoshoots uses similar style masks. But the concept is different. The concept for SHINee’s new minialbum is Romeo while the other photoshoot uses the concept of ‘Transformers’ in them.”Meanwhile, the boys will have their comeback stage with the song ‘Juliette’ on 22nd May.

source: kbites

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