Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lee Min Ho's interview part 1

Taken from : Asianfanatics.net

Tuesday May 19,2009 Korea

Submitted by ★Shira

Source: Daum TVzoneTranslation By: KPculture

Vogue Girl met with Lee Min Ho for an interview along with a photo shoot in London, England.Vogue Girl (VG): Your blood type is A. (Type As) abide well by social norms, have a timid side, and are perfectionists. Is your personality similar to that? Is it not?Lee Min Ho (LMH): My personality is not like a type A. First of all, I can’t become a perfectionist, I’m not shy, and I don’t maintain social norms well either (laughter). Neither am I that precise.VG: Are you a morning person or an owl-like night person ?LMH: I’m like an owl. To the extent that the oriental medicine doctor said that my physical constitution doesn’t allow me to use energy in the daytime. Although due to my schedule, there have been occasions recently that make me a morning person.VG: What does the owl Lee Min Ho usually do at night?..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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