Tuesday, 9 June 2009

SHINee in New Zealand, Monday June 8, 2009 Korea

SHINee shows off their boyish charms in recently revealed pictures taken in New Zealand. These pictures were taken in March when they were abroad from 23rd to the 29th for a Mobile Star photoshoot. Taking advantage of the beautiful natural scenery and even going to the city to use it as a backdrop, they finished their photoshoot by showing off their adolescent charm in New Zealand. A source complimented the 5 SHINee boys, "They were able to perfectly go from being pure warm-hearted boys in nature to being cool and chic boys in the city."

Mobile Star is a system by mobile communication company Danal where you can use your cellphone to look up pictures of stars in their daily life. Currently, fan clubs of DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang, SS501, Girls Generation, Kara, and fans of actors Kim Myung Min, Kim Bum, Dennis Oh use it as well. Fans of SHINee can use their cellphones to meet their fans through this program as well as by going on their official homepages [SM Town, UFO Town] to register and receive text messages. In addition, for the opening of this New Zealand photoshoot, 30 SHINee fans who register on the mobile starblog by the 20th, will have a chance to win an autographed Romeo mini-album.

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