Tuesday, 2 June 2009

SHINee is #1 on album sales chart even without broadcast activities

Wha....SHINee new info...!!!
With member Onew injuring himself 2 days before their comeback stage causing the group to postpone their comeback stage, SHINee has came up #1 on album sales for their 2nd minialbum ‘Romeo’ even without broadcast activities.

On Hanteo chart, the group’s new minialbum ‘Romeo’ has came up to #1 for album sales, taking Super Junior and V.O.S off competition, with 15,000 copies sold.

The album sales was initially set at 21st May and their comeback stage on 19th May but member Onew injured his front teeth after falling from a flight of stairs in their dorm before their comeback stage. The album sales then was pushed back to 25th May.

It is said that the group will most probably have their comeback stage earliest this week.

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