Saturday, 6 June 2009

Shinee's comeback stage 'Juliet' on MBC Music Core, more intense and sweeter after 4 months break., Saturday, June 6, 2009 Korea

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Yep, the group (Shinee) is finally back, after a 4 month break, after ending promotions for their 1st repackage album which ended back in January 2009. Shinee has just released their latest mini-album titled 'Romeo' which had just been released on the 25th of May 2009. The boys were meant to debut on stage 1/2 weeks ago but due to Onew's Injury and the President's accident, the stage was forced to pull back until this week.

Shinee members pulled of a better show than yesterdays on KBS Music Bank. Their hit 'Juliet' is a sentimental song which contains lyrics which are sensitive and impressive. Though the rhythm of the song may sound to sound like their previous song 'Love Like Oxygen' in their first album, the song contained a more refined and acoustic drum beat to it.

Onew, who injured his teeth, drew much more attention as his injury forced to pull back their comeback stage to a later date. Though fans say that Onew has definitely put off a good show after having an accident. The stage was more intense and sweeter as it was suppose to.
Onew's voice was completely new and contained a more gentle sound which made the song more better.

The new album has already been sweeping up various internet charts, and their album sales are continously growing. The album is currently being a hot topic amongst the audience. Shinee's mini-album 'Romeo' has been released.

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